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7 Ways To Keep It Cool This Summer

Monday, July 2nd, 2018 at 10:19am Engel & Völkers Baton Rouge

Louisiana heat can be unbearable in the summer, as is the electric bill with overusing the AC! Try these tricks instead.
  • Swap your sheets: Bamboo, moisture-wickening, cotton, and microfiber sheets are great for keeping your bed temperature lower during the hot summer months! Swap out your warm, fleece sheets until the cooler, fall weather makes it way back to us… okay, maybe you have to wait for winter!
  • Blackout curtains and blinds: Blocking out sunlight with blinds and blackout curtains is a cost-effective way to keep unwanted heat out of your bedrooms. You can easily dress the room up or down depending on the color of the shades!
  • Get Dad a Grill: No, this isn’t a ploy to buy your husband a grill, however cooking outdoors during the summer can greatly reduce the heat inside your home! Try to avoid using your stovetop and ovens during the hottest part of the day.
  • Go Green: Planting trees and shrubbery can block the heat from entering your home at the doors and windows. You can check out LSU Agricultural Center’s website here for ideas on plants to grow this summer. Parsley, peppermint, and citronella also repel bugs!
  • Shut it out: Are you itching for a Joanna Gaines styled home? A great starting point would be some cute shutters on the windows around the house! Both useful and adorable, shutters can block out sunshine and heat during excruciatingly hot days or at high noon! 
  • Unplug Yourself: Although seemingly small, wall plug-ins such as phone chargers, lamps, TVs, and stereos produce little pockets of heat in their space. If you combine all of the little heat sources, you end up with a large (very warm) space. So, unplug as you go!
  • Counter-Clockwise Rotations: Change your fan to rotate counter-clockwise so that the cool air will be pushed down into the room, creating a slight chilling effect. To test to see if your fan is rotating in the proper direction, stand beneath it. If you feel air circulating, the fan is rotating correctly. If not, it is rotating clockwise, which in the winter, is good so that warm air will be distributed in the room. 
We hope this list helps out your home and family this summer! For other summer-related articles, visit our blog here to find a detailed summer calendar that is family (and finance) friendly! 

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